Get Help With File Explorer In Windows 10!

Get Help with File Explorer in Windows 10 (2)

Are you having a hard time using the new File Explorer in Windows 10? And now You are looking to get help with File Explorer in Windows 10. You are lucky enough to have this Windows 10 File Explorer tutorial at your fingertips.

In this post, we will tell you about getting help with Windows 10 File Explorer. Not just this, we will also tell you about how to customize File Explorer in Windows 10.

Additionally, we will give useful tips about file management in Windows 10.

Get Help With File Explorer in Windows 10

File Explore helps in working with files and folders in Windows 10 operating system.

It was known as Windows Explorer on earlier versions of the Windows system. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Windows 10 File Explorer.

Apart from this, You will also learn about every other help in File Explorer. For example, if File Explorer won’t open. We will guide you how to troubleshoot different problems related to File Explorer.

Let’s start this Windows 10 tutorial to know how to get help with File Explorer in Windows 10

Let start with a basic question of how can we locate or start File Explorer in Windows 10.

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How to open File Explorer in Windows 10?

Many people find it difficult to locate File Explorer in Windows 10 operating system.

This is different from previous versions of Windows. Windows 10, however, came with a different interface for everything. Therefore it is a bit different to use File Explorer.

Please follow these steps to open File Explorer in Windows 10.

There are two ways to open File Explorer in Windows 10.

  • Press Windows + E to launch File Explorer.
  • You can locate Windows 10 File Explorer by locating the folder icon in the taskbar.

File Explorer In Windows 10

Now you know how to open File Explorer in Windows 10. Let’s go to other help you should know about in Windows 10 File Explorer.

How to customize File Explorer in Windows 10?

Let us start with the most useful feature in File Explorer. This feature is known as Quick access.

How to customize Quick Access in Windows 10?

This is easy but let start with the basics, What is Quick Access?

As going by the name, Windows 10 Quick Access is the shortcut of folders which you frequently use. Hence, we can say Quick Access is the type of a bookmark list for Windows File Explorer.

Benefits of Quick Access are that it saves a lot of time. Along with this, it is also very convenient for the user to work.

Another benefit is that we can add or delete a folder by our choice. Therefore, we should know how to customize it

Where to find it?

You can locate Quick Access in File Explorer on the extreme left corner in Windows 10.

How to add a folder in Quick Access?

To add a folder to the Quick Access, Please right click on the folder and choose Pin to Quick Access.”

For example, we are adding “documents” library folder to Quick Access.

  • Step one, Just open documents on “This PC‘.
  • Right click on documents folder.
  • Locate the option to add to Quick Access.
  • Congratulation you successfully added documents to quick access.

Pin To Quick Access

How to unpin folder from Quick Access?

  • Open-File Explorer.
  • Move your cursor to Quick Access
  • Select the item you want to unpin from Quick Access.

Unpin From Quick Access

  • Right-click on the item
  • Locate and select “Unpin from Quick Access

Unpin Folder From Quick AccessAs now we know everything about Quick Access in Windows 10 let us move to other beneficial information you should know to get help with File Explorer in Windows 10. This brings us to the list of keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10 File Explorer?

Keyboard shortcuts in Windows File Explorer are the shortest way to get things done in Windows 10.

Keyboard shortcuts are very useful and in use from day one of Windows system.

Keyboard shortcuts are can help you to to do tasks easily in less time. So, rather than going the long route we can use shortcuts.

There are several upfront benefits of keyboard shortcuts. For example, it keeps your typing speed in a  good flow.  Hence, to work in Windows Explorer, it is important to know useful shortcuts.


  • To Create a New Folder = Ctrl + Shift + N
  • Open a new File Explorer Window =Ctrl + N
  • Go back One Folder in History = Alt + Left Arrow Key
  • Go Forward One Folder in History = Alt + Right Arrow Key
  • Open a New Window of File Explorer = Windows Key + E
  • Activate the search bar in File Explorer = Ctrl + E.
  • Increase or Decrease the size of Icons in File Explorer = Ctrl + Mouse Wheel up or Down

How to find Microsoft word in Windows 10?

To find Word document in Windows 10 File Explorer, Go to the search tab and type Word. This is by far the smartest way to do it.

How to create a New Folder in Windows 10?

Another booming query among Windows 10 user is that how to create a New Folder?

The problem:

The problem is that for some users it no longer shows the option to create a New Folder on the right click on the screen. However, In the previous version of Windows, users were able to create a new folder by just using the right click.

But in Windows 10 this feature is no longer present.

The solution:

In order to create a new folder follow the steps below

  •  Right click on the screen
  • Select New

Create New Folder In Windows 10

  •  And choose what kind of new File or folder you want to create.

Create Folder In Windows

Now, you know how to create a new folder in File Explorer in Windows 10. Let us move further and know other methods to get help with File Explorer in Windows 10

Is Windows 10 File Explorer not responding when right clicks? 

A problem for many users is that they find File Explorer not responding on right click. This creates a problem for users to navigate in File Explorer.

The right-click opens a panel of options such as Delete, rename, manage, quick access etc. However, this problem can be easily solved by following our simple methods.

1)Please Press Windows key and X both at the same time, after that please select  Command Prompt (Admin) option.

choose command prompt(admin)

2) Once the command prompt Window is open, type in the command: netsh, and then hit Enter.
After that please type in winstock reset and hit Enter.

type winsock reset

3) Follow the path: Go to  Start button, Then Choose Settings, then choose Update & security.  Choose Windows Update from the left side, now choose Update history from the right side.

4) After that choose Uninstall updates.

choose uninstall updates

5) After this, you will be able to see update KB3081449 or KB3081448,
Please right-click it and choose Uninstall.
Then restart your computer.

choose uninstall

Hence, on a happy note, we fixed our File Explorer not working on right click problem.

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In this post, we successfully got close and personal with the new File Explorer in Windows 10. Now you also know about customization of quick access.

You also know about various shortcuts to use Windows 10 File Explorer. Overall you are ready to use the new File Explorer in Windows 10 without difficulty.

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