How to Change Ringtone in Windows 10 Mobile?

How To Change Ringtone In Windows 10 Mobile

We are receiving many queries from our readers on daily basis. Among all the queries, the burning question among users is, how to change ringtone in Windows 10 mobile?

The arrival of Windows phone was like a boon in the age of lagging Android mobile devices.
But nothing is perfect; they too had their own set of flaw.

Apparently, There was no facility to set custom ringtone in Windows10 Smartphones for calls and SMS alerts. And Here is, what all you need to know about how to make a song a ringtone in Windows 10 mobile.

Ringtones in Windows 10 mobile

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Windows phone came with Windows phone default ringtones. Users can choose their default ringtone only from these set of ringtones. Windows10 mobile devices phone restricts users to add a custom ringtone as their default ringtone.

Not getting a facility to set your favorite song your ringtone is a big turn off for users. This problem can be seen in Windows 8 mobile and continues to be in Windows10 mobile phones.

As we said above nothing is perfect but only until you make it. So today, we will teach you how to change ringtone in Windows 10 mobile in super easy steps.

In this post, we will guide you how to use custom ringtone in Windows 10 mobile. We will give useful insights about how to change ringtone in Windows 10 mobile from Windows phone default ringtones.

Along with this, we will guide to Add custom ringtone in Windows 10 mobile using a PC and with using ringtone maker app.

Let start…

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How to set ringtone in Windows Phone using Windows phone default ringtones?

Windows10 mobile devices Do not allow to choose mp3 songs as ringtone, but they do have their collection of  Windows phone default ringtones.

Here is, how to change ringtone form the set of available ringtones.

1)The very first step is to open Settings from home screen click on settings2)After this step, please select Personalization from the list of available options.

choose personalization

3) Now please choose Sounds from the list of options.Choose sounds

4) Now please Tap on Ringtone.Tap on ringtone

5) Now you will see a list of available ringtones. Please select Your preferred ringtone as default.

6) Exit Sound settings. Close the window and return to home screen.

So, you now know how you can change ringtone using Windows Phone default ringtones.

Let us navigate further to know how to create and change custom ringtone in Windows 10 mobile. All we need is a PC/LAPTOP and a USB cable.

> How you can Modification Ringtone in Windows 10 Mobile Ringtones Checklist

How to Change ringtone in Windows 10 mobile using a PC and USB cable?

Another way for setting up a custom ringtone in Windows10 mobile is by using a PC/LAPTOP with a USB cable.

As Windows phone does not allow setting up a custom ringtone, we have few other ways to do so. One great option is to transfer your favorite song from your Laptop or PC to the ringtone folder of Windows10 mobile device.

By doing the above step, we can see the particular song we copied being a part of a list of Windows phone default ringtones.

Let us go further to discuss how to do it by Following the given steps.

1)Connect your Windows 10 Mobile with the USB cable to your PC/LAPTOP.

2) Locate and Open Windows Phone on your computer using File Explorer in Windows 10

CHoose WIndows phone

3) Now Open the Phone folder.OPEN PHONE FOLDER

4) Then Open the Ringtone folder.OPEN RINGTONE FOLDER

5) Please select and copy the song you want as your ringtone from your PC/LAPTOP.

6) Now paste the song into the ringtone folder of your devicePASTE the song in windows PHONE ringtone folder

NOW we know how to set and change ringtone in Windows 10 mobile using a PC.

In case a person is not having access to a PC or LAPTOP there is another method to do it. A custom ringtone can be created using the Ringtone Maker App.  This app can be easily downloaded from the App Store.

Let us get more information about this method.

How to Change Ringtone in the Windows 10 mobile using Ringtone Maker app?

The Ringtone maker app is the official custom Ringtone generator app from Microsoft in Windows10 mobile.

The Ringtone Maker App is a very useful app when comes to creating a custom ringtone.  Ringtone of your favorite songs can be made in a few easy steps.

We will show you how to make custom ringtones from your favorite songs using the Ringtone Maker App on Windows mobile in the following steps.

  1. When the question is how to change ringtone in Windows 10 mobile? The very first step is to go to the Windows App store.
    Windows App store is a marketplace for Windows 10 mobile supported apps and games.

2)The second step is to look for ringtone maker App. In the search box type “Ringtone Maker”.

Look carefully at the list of options. Once located, Tap on the app.

choose ringtone maker

3) After this, you will see a ringtone maker app interface. Here you will see an option to install the app as shown in the picture below.

Just install the app. Make sure you have an active internet connection via mobile internet or WiFi connectivity.

install ringtone maker

 4) Once it installed go to home screen→Open apps drawer →Now search for ringtone for ringtone maker

5) When you open the app, choose the option “pick a song

Pick a song

6) Now please choose a song of your choice from the list of available songs in your device and we can proceed to the next step.

choose a song

7) Once you selected a song, the App will ask you to cut select 40 seconds from that song which you would like to hear as a custom ringtone.

cut 40 seconds of a song

8) You can have a preview of the 40 seconds part of the song you selected as a ringtone.

preview your ringtone

9) If you like what you selected as a ringtone, you can now save it using the option as shown in the screenshot given below.

save the ringtone

10) There is an option to save this ringtone as your default ringtone. If you like to have this custom ringtone as your preferred ringtone, Please tick the box as shown in the screenshot.tick the box to save as default ringtone

Congratulations, you have successfully made a custom ringtone using the Ringtone Maker app from App store.

Now You know how to change ringtone in Windows 10 mobile using Ringtone Maker. You can create as many custom ringtone you like using this app.

Do you want to know how to set this ringtone as your default ringtone?

Please follow the steps given in the first section of this post.

Wrapping Up…

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It was interesting to know how to change ringtone in Windows 10 mobile. Now we know how do you make a song your ringtone for Windows 10 mobile devices.

Custom ringtone can be created using a ringtone maker app or with the help or PC and USB cable

There are other options such as downloading a ringtone maker for PC or using a ringtone maker online.

This Website is dedicated to solving problems faced by Microsoft Windows users. In case of any query or any suggestion please comment below.



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